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the right network

PrimaLuna, a company headquartered in the Netherlands, distributes its products via a network of carefully selected distributors throughout the world. Each of our international distributors has the knowledge, the expertise, the professionalism, the resources and not to forget the passion to help you choose the right PrimaLuna product to accommodate your audio system. Most of our international distributors offer the complete range of PrimaLuna products and are eager to demonstrate them to you, at your convenience.

Our choice of distributor is based on different criteria:

  1. Most of our distributors have been involved into high-end for more than 25 years; nevertheless, in the new emerging hi-fi markets we have chosen strong personalities able to become the high-end audio leaders of the future.
  2. They have a senior influence in high-end audio.
  3. They carry the most famous high-end brands.
  4. They have searched the world for products without equal and tested them for excellence.
  5. They still have a great passion for music.

Our success is not only based on the quality of our products,
but also on the quality of our distributors and their dealer network .