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Why Not Offer a Remote?

Many manufacturers will toss around remote controlled volume potentiometers made by names like Alps, Noble, and others as a sales tool. You get a remote control for seemingly nothing, and you go home happy. But there is no free lunch and no miracles.

Many "high end" potentiometer companies market "second tier" products under their names that cost almost nothing. These potentiometers are cheap, so manufactuers can afford to offer a remote control, but as the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for." Sure, you've got a remote, but the potentiometer in the amp is as small as the one pictured to the right (shown with a penny for scale). Many of these volume controls are notorious for becoming noisy, and come loose easily as many times they are just mounted to a PC board.

At PrimaLuna, we would rather make a choice that will sound better and last longer. So if you really must have a remote volume you can get it on some CD players. With PrimaLuna products, performance is #1. We put the money into ground-breaking designs like Adaptive AutoBias instead of cutting corners to save a buck during production.

After almost four years, we have found it has been the right decision. We are not replacing volume controls that get dirty and become noisy, or have begun drift to one side, bend, come loose, or fall apart completely. We use high-quality potentiometers (like the ALPS Blue Velvet pictured) that will last for a long time giving you years of worry-free use, just like the rest of the premium parts found in every PrimaLuna component.

For the ProLogue integrated amps and preamp, there is no remote option, no retrofits. If you must have remote, look at the step-up Dialogue Series, where you get the full function remote control shown on the right, machined out of high quality anodized aluminum, but designed to minimize the chance of damage to your expensive furniture. Our ProLogue Eight CD player features the same remote as the DiaLogue series and will operate with those products, however the ProLogue Eight does not have a built-in volume control.

Pictured below is the ALPS Blue Velvet potentiometer used in the award-winning ProLogue Three preamp next to a typical "second tier" potentiometer found in many other products in this price range. Note that the only thing present that keeps this tiny pot in place are 3 solder pins that attach to a PC board. PC mounted potentiometers can easily lose contact, or break off entirely after prolonged use. Our ALPS Blue Velvet is direct-mounted to the chassis, and then point-to-point wired into the circuit. Sturdy mounting means less breakage.