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How to Use a ProLogue One or Two in a Home Theater System

Increasingly people that were into two channel have bought surround systems and find them wanting for pure music enjoyment. If you want to improve performance and get the groove back consider getting a superb integrated and using it as a power amp too. Most integrated amps will function just fine in this manner.

It works like this. The integrated amp hooks up to your main speakers and you take either a CD or the left/right analog out from your DVD player and use it as normal for music listening. Nothing special to know for this part. Just use it.

For surround, take the left/right main output from your processor or surround receiver and plug it in to the AUX 1 or some other line level in on the integrated amp. All you have to do is switch to that input, and consider the integrated amp now as a power amp except for one simple thing: You have set the volume knob to a place and keep it there every time you watch a movie.

The volume control on the integrated has to be set at some mid position and set to the same position every time you use it. Pick a spot on the volume knob that is easy to remember later (typically 9 to 12 o'clock on the dial) and use the test tone function on the surround processor to set speaker levels.

People sometimes make more of this concept than there is, or think there is more to do. Nope. It's that easy.