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Technical Help & Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Troubleshooting Checklist

Checking and Adjusting the Adaptive AutoBias Board

Integrating your ProLogue Series Amplifier into your Home Theater

Hooking up a Powered Subwoofer to your PrimaLuna

Tubes Information

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Adaptive AutoBias different from other biasing circuits?

So why don't you offer a remote for my ProLogue?

What power tubes can I use in my PrimaLuna amplifier?

  • All PrimaLuna amplifiers come equipped with either EL-34 or KT88 power tubes. However, you can substitute in any 6550, KT66, 6L6GC, 7581, KT90, EL37, or even a 6V6GT into any amplifier.

    The ProLogue One, Four, Six, and DiaLogue One amplifiers can use 6550 and KT88 tube types without any issues . The tubes will be running slightly cooler, but many customers have been using these higher dissipation tubes with great success.

    Each tube will have a different effect on the sound. Adaptive AutoBias will adjust itself to the new tube type, making experimenting with different power tubes very easy. In fact, the Adaptive AutoBias circuitry is so advanced you could even plug in one 6550, one EL34, one 6L6GC, one 6V6GT, and Adaptive AutoBias would recognize the differences, make the appropriate adjustments, and the amp would function perfectly. Now... it may not sound very good, but it's just nice to know you could .

My amp is turned on and the tubes light up, but there's no output...

  • You may have a bad power tube that blew the plate fuse. Read your owner's manual for detailed instructions on how to check the plate fuse. You can also download the owner's manual from this site.

I went to turn my amp on this morning and nothing happens...

  • You may have blown the mains fuse. Many different factors could cause this, including a power surge or spike. Replace the fuse and turn the amp back on. Read your owner's manual for detailed instructions on how to check the mains fuse and to find the appropriate value. You can also download the owner's manual from this site.

Where can I buy my PrimaLuna?

  • PrimaLuna is distributed world-wide by the most distinguished names in audio. Your best bet is to deal with them directly. If you do not know who the distributor is in your country, please mail us and we will put you in touch with your local distributor.

How long is my warranty? Is it transferable?

  • All PrimaLuna equipment comes with a two year warranty that covers parts and labor. Tubes are guaranteed for six months. This warranty is for the original purchaser only and is not transferable to subsequent owners under any circumstances.

Some of my power tubes have this eerie blue glow on the glass. Is that normal?

  • Yes, that is normal for power tubes. That blue glow is just stray electrons bouncing off the glass. Some tubes will have a more noticeable glow than others, even amongst a matched set of tubes. Sometimes the glow will burn off, that is also normal. What is NOT normal is a bright blue or purple glow or flash coming from inside the plate structure of the power tube. If you see a bright blue or purple glow coming from inside the plates, or if you ever notice a bright flash from a power tube, turn your amp off immediately and replace the tube.

I own a DiaLogue integrated. Is it safe to plug my CD player into the Home Theater input?

  • The Home Theater input on the DiaLogue Series is a direct-line pass-thru circuit. If you plug in a component that does not have its own volume control, you may seriously damage your speakers. It is very important to make sure you only plug a home theater processor or receiver into that input! PrimaLuna, your distributor and it's Partners are not liable for any damage caused by plugging an inappropriate component into the Home Theater input. If you are unsure of what can and cannot be used, consult your PrimaLuna Partner or contact your distributor directly.